Beautiful Reflection (poem)

If you look in the mirror youll see
Always been beautiful haven’t we?
But you refuse to believe me
You listen to the voices of the society

You didnt even want to look at me
You stay behind so less could see
You dont want them buzzing like a bee
Stop listening with hypocrisy

As you grow up and time goes
You are stronger and weakness low
Coz no ones gonna bring down that smile
No ones gonna come close even for a mile

We work as a team you and I
We fight and bring the fire
There are times of weakness
But you know we always survive

First One Centavo coins I’ve ever seen!!!

There was this one time I am cleaning our closet and found a small plastic bag of old coins. They are mostly centavos dated 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s with different engravings and shapes like face, fish and butterfly.

I tried to read all of their dates to find the oldest. Who knows they worth millions? Eh? Hahaha I usually picked the shinier or clearer ones. The one centavo stood out. It has Lapu Lapu face in it’s head. Lapu lapu is our first national heroe who fought the Army of Ferdinand Magellan.

Here is the info I found at

Oh aluminum that’s why it’s silvery white or whatever hahahah. We almost don’t use centavo coins anymore unless they are use as change at the department or grocery store so I’m really ecstatic to see one and even to see Lapu Lapu in monetary for the first time. Hahahahaha

Who among you collect old coins? Can I sell it? I found few u.s dime here too and letelephone token. Hahahahah…

The coins are in the process of soaking in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

I’ll make another blog incase I’ll find unusual, atleast for me hahahah.

Yellow, (A poem)

I have an account at AllPoetry site called HeadsInTheClouds. There was this poem contest which theme is to describe a color to someone who’s been blind for all their life. Here’s the poem I wrote.


My litte hand hold the crayon
And color my little masterpiece
Always been amaze
How much light it gives

Its like the icing in a cake
The sweetest taste
The fragrant of most flowers
As most have it as their color

The scent that awakens your senses
As its the color of the sun
Makes heads turn around
When someone wears it

The undertone of some skin
Soft, smooth and clear
Maybe my words will make you understand
The color is you when you’re around

“Why yellow?” you may ask.

As stated in the first stanza, I find it brightening when I tried to use it to color my drawings when I was a kid and other reasons that’s also in the poem. Hahaha. Hope you like it. 🙂

What is the color that attracts you? It’s not necessarily your favorite.

Crissa Steps Bradley Shoes Review (My New Year Shoes haha)

I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes from stores here and online. Something comfortable, affordable and with good quality. (I’m always confortable with rubber and running shoes.)

I came across with Crissa steps on social media. Crissa is a clothing brand known for years in the Philippines. They are usually jeans and tops so that’s the time I found out they sell shoes too. I’ve bought a jean from them before and it’s nice.

Their shoes were on sale but sizes and designs are limited. I end up buying it from lazada. I’m torn between red, black and navy blue. I chose navy blue size 40, their biggest size.

Here’s how it looks at lazada platform

It costed about $9 depends on dollar-peso rate. It came after 5 days. It didn’t have a box. I’m kinda disappointed with that but when I open the package it is really beautiful.

It’s perfect. It compliments any color or bottom whether shorts, pants or skirt. It doesn’t look cheap. I’m definitely gonna buy other colors again. 🙂

Rating? 5! 5! 5! Affordability, Quality and design…

Here’s the other designs that I like.

What casual footwear do you prefer when going out?

Unnoticed Beauty

I’ve been living in our baranggay for 20 years. Our baranggay is surrounded by plants and trees but I never thought they are as beautiful, worthy of tourism beauty. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken…

We also have the river. Hope to take more photos the next time. 🙂

#Philippines #Nature #Beauty


Ano ba kami sa bansang to?
Problemang dapat solusyunan?
O isang propesyong higit na kelangan?
Ngunit bakit Pagkakaroon ng trabaho ay programa lang?
Isusumbat ang sweldong nararapat lamang?

Sadya bang hindi maamin na sa bansang to kami pa ay kulang?
Bakit hindi punan lahat ng pangangailangan?
Sa publiko pasyente ay siksikan
Nars wla sa mga eskwelahan

Kapwa pa nurse tayo’y nilalamangan
Training dito bayad doon ni wala ka pang pinagkakakitaan
Hihingin ng ospital ang training at experience mo
Labas nito’y ikaw magbabayad sa libre mong serbisyo

Kung ika’y contractual walang benipisyo
Tagasalo ng trabaho pati mali sagot mo
To the highest level pa ang sermon at insulto

Kay saklap hindi ba? ni respeto’t protection hndi maibigay sa iyo.
Buti pa ang ibang bansa kami pinapahalagahan.
Hihintayin nyo pa bang “You never know what you got till it’s gone.”

#Nursing #Philippines #Tula #AngNars

Flexwear Illusions Sienna and Enhance Toasted Brown of Executive Optical EO Personal Review


This is my first time to try contact lenses. This is my second trying-hard blog. Hahaha. Kinda notice before that there were few reviews bout flexwear lenses. I know it’s my fault that I haven’t checked the lenses features before. I am now using their clear lenses. The one you have to change for a month and it’s very comfortable. Now heres the 2016 review. (hahahha)

I’m just going to write about the differences between Flexwear illusions Sienna and Flexwear enhance toasted brown.

I first bought the Toasted Brown because I think It looks natural(kasi nga di ba brown? Haha)
The second time I went to EO, I’m supposed to buy the Flexwear colors Cinnamon because one of my workmates is using it and looks nice on her and natural, but they didnt have a stock for my grade (.75 both eyes) so I’ve picked Illusions Sienna since it’s my second option (based on the other reviews I’ve read)


Darker is the Toasted

When it comes to:


The Toasted Brown is thicker and more curve though the life of this contacts are shorter. ( 6 mos while the Sienna is 1yr).


The Sienna is thinner and i dont feel the lens much. But I still find both as comfortable for about the second day of using. After many days of using, both had this dark spot when you look sideways. The Optometrist told me that it’s normal for colored lenses. Sienna also got my eyes so dried EASILY when I am infront of a fan or aircon.

My look

I think i look like i have a hepa in sienna(yellow to orange).. I’ve been using the toasted brown and My workmates told me that it looks like a vampire from twilight eys. They even call me volturi. 😀 My sister also said the sienna looks more natural but 4 of my workmates chose the toasted brown (kasi nga ulit brown! Haha) but when I showed them the picture which shows both of the lenses in my eyes, the other workmate shifted to Sienna. I still find both of them as scandalous.(nakasakay ka sa jeep tapos kung makatingin sayo mga tao oh ) The lenses are meant to be like that to enhance and I know I’ve bought something different from what I really want.


Sienna, indoor, pasensya na sa itsura haha

If you want to look like a doll or an anime character I think it’s the Toasted Brown. The dark ring around it makes your eyes bigger.


Toasted brown

Saving time and effort

I find it easier to put Toasted brown since it doesnt fold easily and i dont have to be extra careful that i might tear it.


The toasted brown is cheaper 480 including the 150ml solution. (20%off)
Sienna is 690 with a free 100ml solution (Though in my receipt flexwear adore is writen and the price of Sienna is 550 in the display, I only noticed it when Im already home)


the darker one is always the Toasted Brown


I’m wearing the Toasted Brown

Will I order again? No!!!!!!! Not for everyday wear but maybe for short occasion.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 considering the price

Avon’s perfectly matte lipstick in coral review :D

This is my first time to write a blog. I really dont know the proper way to start or write it. (If there’s any guide) 😀

I’m an Avon member and my friends ordered the Perfectly matte lipstick with free One Mascara and Ideal pressed powder. I didn’t plan on buying it too. It just snapped in my head when I’m already at the avon center that it’s a good try and buy. I could sell the mascara and pressed powder for 150 each. (hehe) The price for the lipstick and the freebies is 399 pesos.

Let’s start!
heres the lipstick and the swatch (3 applications)


Btw it’s Coral Fever. It looks differently on the brochure.



How it looks on my lips (Applied 3x). It’s pigmented so 1-2 applications can already give that hot color(fever haha)


After an hour (with me kissing my hands to test if it’s kissproof. It’s not.)


Staying power. One stroke using my finger here.


I wiped the lipstick hard using a tissue here.

The lipstick feels nice and light on the lips. Just like what it claims it’s more matte and looks natural than other matte lipstick. It doesn’t crack

It’s a little drying. The color I picked is too vibrant for everyday wear.

It doesn’t last long and easily transfer but it’s one of the msit comfortable lipstick I’ve wore.

Overall 3.5/5

Thank you…