The Flower of a Dragon

I’ve known for so long that dragonfruit has a white big flower but haven’t seen one coz they usually bloom at night til early morning. There was this one morning my father kept shouting asking my sister to take a photo of the flower with him.

I woke up early out of curiousity then Wow!!!! It was so huge and beautiful…

See? It was like designed or purposely made. The smell was like a little hint of jasmine or a rose, or just my imagination that it may not have a scent at all ahahha. But I’m sure that the flower is not my imagination hahaha…

The sad part is this last just a day. In the afternoon the flower already closed. But dont worry, when it sloughs off the fruit starts to grow.

You may search more about the Dragonfruit and you may share it here. Or your personal experiences 🙂

Aenepure BB cream Review

Been looking for a korean sunscreen then found this on shopee, a BB cream with spf 50, anti wrinkle and with good for the skin ingredients. I want to try the more popular brand but I’m on a budget so I bought this one. My sister also had another cheap korean bb cream, the ekel snail bb cream and I liked it.

Saw a video on youtube differentiating bb creams in asia and in the west. She said that bb creams in the west are more on the make up side while asian are on the skin nourishment. And I guess it’s true. 🙂

Description posted by the seller

See? Who won’t wanna try this?

Packaging: Almost all korean (don’t know how the seller got the translations haha)

Yang lang eh kasya na po sa face. 🙂

Bare face: I got a lot of small moles and some pimple marks. The photo taken outdoor and medyo makulimlim with all the shadows of the trees and 8 mpx camera.

Boomerang: half of the face

Full face: though mukhang syang uneven but in reality naman is not. It’s not matte but I guess this is what they called dewy. I really like this. It’s not sticky. The coverage is light to medium depending on how much you put on but that will be super light if you have medium to darker skin tone. This is a good-to-go make up plus lip tint when you’re in a hurry and do not have much to conceal. This is also moisturizing with the added benefits of sunscreen.

The longetivity depends on the temp and how much you sweat. This lasts about more than 4 hours if I am in an airconditioned room and with powder on top. If we sweat alot of course any make up alone will just melt away.

Will I buy again? Yes! Though I wanna try the more expensive one hahahha.. btw this is my first time using BB cream and I also bought the ekel make up base

I am joining now the korean beauty products hype hahaha

Nakakaaddict magtry ng mga korean products.

Ano pang brand ng BB cream ang maganda local or korean? Mura lang po ha. Haha

What other cheap creams can you suggest?

Thank you! 🙂

Bright Skin AHA SERUM Initial Review

Been seing this hype on AHA serum on social media and online shopping platform. So I decided to search this on the internet. I found out it’s an acid use for exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and facilitate the creation of new ones. You can read more about it at the link below.

I’m looking for a serum that can reduce the dark spot on my face. I ordered this serum together with vitamin c and e serum by doplets, underarm toner and femine soap.

According to the info it has Vitamin C, B3 and Collagen. The serum costs 95 pesos, less than 2 dollars for 30ml. Here is the actual product

It’s not the usual yellow I see.

The consistency is not watery nor sticky (if I’m going to compare it with the Vitamin C and E serum I bought which is watery). I applied it in my face after my bath and using a toner. It’s a little sticky at first but when it dried the skin is soft and feels tighten (yeah collagen). I wonder if it can be a primer too but not maybe because we still need to use sunscreen after. (Exfoliation makes our skin vulnerable to the sun). It feels light on my face and after 5 hours my foundation doesn’t cake but maybe because it’s not as hot as the usual days since it’s raining outside. Got to update soom after about two weeks maybe to see the brightening effect. 🙂

PS: Sorry for the grammars since English is not my first language and even if I use my first language I cannot guarantee no errors hahahha

Testing Epsa Excellence Cream Hair Color in Cyclamen

It’s time for a new hair color!!! Saw this cream at Wego which cost 15 each per 20ml satchet. Bought 3 creams. Yeah I know it wouldn’t be enough. I just wanna test it at the end parts of my hair. INITIALLY. Haha. Here’s the satchet

The instructions, ingredients and other infos at the back

My hair color before (under natural light)

After 3 minutes of application(natural light)

After 5 minutes(with flash)

After 30 minutes and washing it with water. I let it that long because by experience and without bleeching it wont give much color. I’m excited to use it kasi hahahah. (end up putting it on all parts) Lower part

Top part


Everytime I color my hair with any color it always turns out to be reddish brown maybe because it’s always not enough. My hair is long too thick hahaha. I search for the color cyclamen and here are the colors google showed:

The morning. Those frizz hahha.. literally I woke up like this(natural light)

What I like about this is you dont have to buy oxidizing cream. Just the cream itself and doesn’t smell too strong. I searched for it at site but all I can find is the regular epsa hair color creams. I will buy more in the future but right now I still like the outcome color hahahaha. (Scadalosa kasi yun cyclamen baka pag initan ako sa trabaho) Oh! There are other two colors I wanna try magenta and red brown. P.S This is for those who want to have an idea on items not much reviewed on the internet 🙂 mkatulong lang. I know I’ve got alot of errors gramatically so bear with me. Thank you 🙂

Lazada Birthday Sale

Lazada is the very first online shop application I’ve tried and still using today. What I like about this is you can return items within 7-14 days and I’ve returned items about two times before. The first one is replaced but the second is refunded. And this month they are going to have their online birthday sale.

Check the link below or scan the QR code at the banner to browse for awesome stuff.

And if you join as one of the lazada affiliate you will get a chance to win items.

Let’s celebrate with Lazada! 🙂

Tested site or application to earn some money

Who would’nt want to earn some extra cash? It may not be big but what do we expect for just less effort and time? Here are the one survey site and cashback application where by experience have helped me when I’m really in need. hahaha


I’ve been a member of this for about 5 years I guess. I really didn’t took this one seriously. I occasionally answer surveys and most of the time I got rejected and given 5 points. This year I have earned 700+ regular points. I’ve like their new rewards system where by less 1000 points you got paypal cash or lazada gift certificate BUT you’ve got to have a thousand points to redeem. Awts!

Last month I received emails from the site that regular points will be converted to lifepoints some time the following days. After almost a month when I checked my points it’s 1730+ points!!! Woah! I got excited and checked the rewards system. That time I can redeem 1500 peso or about 30 dollars paypal cash for 1700 points so I immediately redeemed. I got the paypal cash for less than a week earlier than the usual reviews I’ve read. Paid off!!! You got more chance at surveys when you use computer or laptop than mobile. The points given now can be tenths to hundreds so you can easily earn a thousand.

Rewards given tru


This one is easier you got cash back everytime you shop through the app. For a more than a year I’ve redeemed from them twice with total of 1000 pesos or 20 dollars. I’m not a heavy shopper, some I knew online got even thousands. Atleast I can use them to pay some bills or buy some items.

Don’t forget to click on the links and join!!! Hahaha. Never tried earning through referrals before. Who knows this time someone joins. Hahahaha

And this one from playstore

Here’s the video

Nichido beauty cake summer tan unbox

Saw this at watson and costed only 80 pesos. One of the cheapest cake I’ve known.

I’ll make this one short. Here are the photos.

I didnt have the photos when applied. It smells good. If you did not scrub your nose well they tend to clump and made those whiteheads prominent when applied wet. For me this is better dry, I scrape some powder then use brush.

This color matched my skin , for medium skintone and can cover some discolorations. This last about 4 hours or more, depends when I’m under the sun or inside the clinic.

Overall considering the price



Society’s creations
Organized and habitual
Perfect and spotless
Feed brains with chips

Made to look alike
Dressed to uniform
Same stoic face
Phlegmatic and rigid

Forces use for every day war
Armed, paper and pens
8 hours or more stressed
Till the day ends

Insides are soft that bleed
For deliverance they crave
Naturally nature has the power
to fuel, to take…

Labels (poem)

Red, white, green, yellow
Or rainbow colored
Some are metallic
Silver, bronze and gold
Written with Bold, italic or underlined
Circle, triangle, square or any shape
Humans put labels in anything anywhere
Tress, plants, items and people
With meanings for poor and the priviledge
Why we put it in the first place
when we say we wanted harmony and peace?

And you hate her

I am inspired to write this for someone I know who hates another woman whom love by most coworkers.

Always got to be spiteful
Consumed by envy and hate
Talking about her flaws
Like you got none
Like a parrot repeating it loud

Gathering followers
Filling cups with poison
Infect them with a disease
Messing with perceptions and logic

But the hearts strong and pure
won’t fall
They build the defense it wont break
You may deny it but honey it’s true
She has done nothing to you
And you hate her