White Rose Kojic Whitening Soap Review

I wanted to try a new soap so it took me a while to decide on this. My top criteria is always been the affordable and cheaper soap. White Rose is one of the cheapest. I have already tried the other cheaper ones like Silka, Simply G, kojie san etc.

Base on my research it has a tvc but I have not seen it yet or I just didn’t pay attention haha

Here’s the box

The information at the back
The Main ingredients listed here is Kojic for whitening, Shea Butter for moisturizing and Tea tree Oil for pimples.
I forgot to take the photo at the side where the full ingredients might be listed. Trying to search online but cannot find full details.

The Bar


Fruity, almost the same with silka and simply G

Lathers okay for me

Texture of the skin after use

Soft and not drying

This is my second use of the product so here is my hand

I will update the result after one bar. Same place same lightings
I am also taking beauty white by daiso for 3 days now for twice a day so I’m reviewing it too. 🙂

Let me know if you have tried this soap and your own experience. 😉


This didnt whiten my skin, didnt darken it either. I guess this is good for maintenance or takes a little longer than two weeks or months like kojie san. I wouldnt know cause I stop using it na. It doesnt lather much when youre halfway using it, always slips out of my hand hahaha. I prefer my soap to have a better lather. I’m using now  glycerine based homemade soaps or the hygienex soap.

Active White Glutathione Authentic VS fake: A review and comparison

Active white is one of the cheapest glutathione capsule brand you can get. But lots of being sold are fake. Already bought this thrice. The first two are original and the last one is fake.

In the photo below you can see my actual comparison since I still have some of the original capsules left.

Powdery white is I guess cornstarch or flour. The yellow one is original and taste a little sour

Original text is sharper and smaller

The Authentic Active white is really effective in lightening dark spots. In just a month it lightened the uneven skintone and dark spot damage by sun exposure as I work in the field. It doesnt make me so white cause I only take it once a day but it really helps as an antioxidant. I notice I don’t get sick easily.

Here’s the video of the betadine test


The betadine solution clears out immediately for small amount of the active white. The fake ones takes hours and it doesnt clear up instead just settle at the bottom so when you shake it, it turn darker again.

I’m just sad that It’s out of stock and it’s really hard to find a seller that sells the authentic one.

Please can you recommend one?

Guess have to go back with relumins 😦 a more expensive one.

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Watch “Home made Chocolates Experiment Using Butter” on YouTube : Fail or Success?


I wanted to try making my own chocolates so I’ve watched videos on youtube and learned the basic. The main ingredient of course is cocoa and oil, cocoa butter is the best but expensive and hard to find.

I just though why not try butter? The ordinart butter? Hahha

Please watch the video and let me know what I made wrong hahaha

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