Legit Earn Money/Rewards: Reviewing Sites and Applications that Claims to Give Money or Reward

I have been convinced or enticed to join sites or application that claims to give rewards like games, surveys, watching videos or ads and doing some task and end up “Scammed”, not really on the sense that I gave money BUT it’s still the time, the effort and the data uses. So I thought why […]

Dr Bodre Propolis Serum Review

I saw this serum while browsing Shopee (Online Shopping Application). Got me curious since it has more ingredients than the one I’m using the Elujai Propolis. Here’s the Ingredients Listed and information from the shop https://shopee.ph/kitrj/1996623714?smtt=0.0.9 Here is the actual Bottle. Alln written in korea except for the name and volume. It’s not full but […]

Homemade Chocolate Business: Melting and Molding Chocolates

Food. It’s something everyday people buy and a good business. Imagine the crowd and long lines in restaurants and canteens during lunch and at night??? The gift packs that easily got out of stock during holidays? But going big needs also large money and I didn’t even have materials needed to even make cookies. I […]