Homemade Chocolate Business: Melting and Molding Chocolates

Food. It’s something everyday people buy and a good business. Imagine the crowd and long lines in restaurants and canteens during lunch and at night??? The gift packs that easily got out of stock during holidays? But going big needs also large money and I didn’t even have materials needed to even make cookies. I wanted to sell foods that easily prepared and don’t spoil easy.

One time an aunt gave us a box of chocolates then I started searching online how to do it. I tried experimenting at first which you can see here:


Then I bought a 1 kg of beryl’s Chocolate Compound Bittersweet at the supermarket that costed 285 pesos (about $5.5) and a moulder 195 pesos. Melted the chocolates and I came up with this

I still didnt have the right packaging so it ended up in our stomachs.

I completed the items I needed through an online shop in Shopee called Choco Pinoy. Now I have 2 loliipop moulders, 2 small cup cake sized moulders, 100gms prinkles, 100gms rice crispies, 20 small boxes, 200 lollipos sticks, OPP plastics, Thank You stickers(bought at different shop), raisins, 200gms peanuts, deutch white chocolate compoind half kg and another 1kg of beryl’s, this time their milk chocolate. I’ve spent about less 1500php ($30)

Here are the first Chocolates I made with the packaging. About 1/4 of the block you can already fill more than the two moulds. I sold them all 200php ($4)

I melted it using a pot with water and place another stainless bowl with the chocolates. There are other videos in youtube with details how to do that properly.

I used Deutch White Chocolate compound for decorating and crushed to powder sprinkles to add colors since I didn’t have a food coloring yet and oil base colorings are expensive.

Here’s the full video of another bactch in youtube


Bear with the angles and the background noises 🙂


Planning to buy more moulders so I can make more batches.

Now I’m worried that I am selling them cheap compared to those who used the cheaper compounds but I am always with the satisfaction of the buyer. Right now I’m learning how to put better and justifiable prices. Seen some sellers on FB selling lollipops from 10-15php.

Do you have any Idea how much they are really sold?

Thank you 🙂

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