Active White Glutathione Authentic VS fake: A review and comparison

Active white is one of the cheapest glutathione capsule brand you can get. But lots of being sold are fake. Already bought this thrice. The first two are original and the last one is fake.

In the photo below you can see my actual comparison since I still have some of the original capsules left.

Powdery white is I guess cornstarch or flour. The yellow one is original and taste a little sour

Original text is sharper and smaller

The Authentic Active white is really effective in lightening dark spots. In just a month it lightened the uneven skintone and dark spot damage by sun exposure as I work in the field. It doesnt make me so white cause I only take it once a day but it really helps as an antioxidant. I notice I don’t get sick easily.

Here’s the video of the betadine test

The betadine solution clears out immediately for small amount of the active white. The fake ones takes hours and it doesnt clear up instead just settle at the bottom so when you shake it, it turn darker again.

I’m just sad that It’s out of stock and it’s really hard to find a seller that sells the authentic one.

Please can you recommend one?

Guess have to go back with relumins ūüė¶ a more expensive one.

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