This is not the first time that I have tried a Simply G product. I have been using the Simply G shampoo and conditioner in color brown. They smell so good and really makes my curly frizzy hair smooth the whole day. When I saw the soap, I decided I should give this one a try. It only costs 20 pesos for 60g soap in a satchet. (Yata? Basta less than 30 haha) 60g

Here are the ingredients listed

(Sorry the texts are just too small)

The info I found in the internet from

According to the site it cost 19 haha

See? It has all the ingredients needed for a fairer and healthier skin. Kojic acid, papaya, Glutathione, Arbutin and Daisy Flower extract. Additional ingredients are niacinamide (lightens dark spot) and salicylic acid (prevention of pimples). I also saw titanium dioxide which is a mineral sunscreen. Hmmm? Does sunscreen in a soap really work? Yeah whatever haha.

Let’s go to the soap na. Been using it for about 5 days. It looks like the silka papaya soap but smells like Victoria’s secret love spell. It doesnt lather much. (I always drop it cause I make kuskos the soap direct sa skin para lang madami malagay ko at bumula). It is not as drying like any other kojic acid soap. No breakout so far. I’ll update if it really whitens the skin. I have also using at the same time the Watson’s Avenine White Kojic Lotion.

Let me know if you have tried the soap and if you can recommend naman affordable whitening soap?

Thank you… 🙂

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