Who would’nt want to earn some extra cash? It may not be big but what do we expect for just less effort and time? Here are the one survey site and cashback application where by experience have helped me when I’m really in need. hahaha



I’ve been a member of this for about 5 years I guess. I really didn’t took this one seriously. I occasionally answer surveys and most of the time I got rejected and given 5 points. This year I have earned 700+ regular points. I’ve like their new rewards system where by less 1000 points you got paypal cash or lazada gift certificate BUT you’ve got to have a thousand points to redeem. Awts!

Last month I received emails from the site that regular points will be converted to lifepoints some time the following days. After almost a month when I checked my points it’s 1730+ points!!! Woah! I got excited and checked the rewards system. That time I can redeem 1500 peso or about 30 dollars paypal cash for 1700 points so I immediately redeemed. I got the paypal cash for less than a week earlier than the usual reviews I’ve read. Paid off!!! You got more chance at surveys when you use computer or laptop than mobile. The points given now can be tenths to hundreds so you can easily earn a thousand.

Rewards given tru Perks.com



This one is easier you got cash back everytime you shop through the app. For a more than a year I’ve redeemed from them twice with total of 1000 pesos or 20 dollars. I’m not a heavy shopper, some I knew online got even thousands. Atleast I can use them to pay some bills or buy some items.

Don’t forget to click on the links and join!!! Hahaha. Never tried earning through referrals before. Who knows this time someone joins. Hahahaha

And this one from playstore

Here’s the video


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