Flexwear Illusions Sienna and Enhance Toasted Brown of Executive Optical EO Personal Review


This is my first time to try contact lenses. This is my second trying-hard blog. Hahaha. Kinda notice before that there were few reviews bout flexwear lenses. I know it’s my fault that I haven’t checked the lenses features before. I am now using their clear lenses. The one you have to change for a month and it’s very comfortable. Now heres the 2016 review. (hahahha)

I’m just going to write about the differences between Flexwear illusions Sienna and Flexwear enhance toasted brown.

I first bought the Toasted Brown because I think It looks natural(kasi nga di ba brown? Haha)
The second time I went to EO, I’m supposed to buy the Flexwear colors Cinnamon because one of my workmates is using it and looks nice on her and natural, but they didnt have a stock for my grade (.75 both eyes) so I’ve picked Illusions Sienna since it’s my second option (based on the other reviews I’ve read)


Darker is the Toasted

When it comes to:


The Toasted Brown is thicker and more curve though the life of this contacts are shorter. ( 6 mos while the Sienna is 1yr).


The Sienna is thinner and i dont feel the lens much. But I still find both as comfortable for about the second day of using. After many days of using, both had this dark spot when you look sideways. The Optometrist told me that it’s normal for colored lenses. Sienna also got my eyes so dried EASILY when I am infront of a fan or aircon.

My look

I think i look like i have a hepa in sienna(yellow to orange).. I’ve been using the toasted brown and My workmates told me that it looks like a vampire from twilight eys. They even call me volturi. 😀 My sister also said the sienna looks more natural but 4 of my workmates chose the toasted brown (kasi nga ulit brown! Haha) but when I showed them the picture which shows both of the lenses in my eyes, the other workmate shifted to Sienna. I still find both of them as scandalous.(nakasakay ka sa jeep tapos kung makatingin sayo mga tao oh ) The lenses are meant to be like that to enhance and I know I’ve bought something different from what I really want.


Sienna, indoor, pasensya na sa itsura haha

If you want to look like a doll or an anime character I think it’s the Toasted Brown. The dark ring around it makes your eyes bigger.


Toasted brown

Saving time and effort

I find it easier to put Toasted brown since it doesnt fold easily and i dont have to be extra careful that i might tear it.


The toasted brown is cheaper 480 including the 150ml solution. (20%off)
Sienna is 690 with a free 100ml solution (Though in my receipt flexwear adore is writen and the price of Sienna is 550 in the display, I only noticed it when Im already home)


the darker one is always the Toasted Brown


I’m wearing the Toasted Brown

Will I order again? No!!!!!!! Not for everyday wear but maybe for short occasion.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 considering the price

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